Explorer & Designer

I'm a designer who finds cultural expressions mesmerizing.
I look forward to to be inspired by places, customs and more important...people.

Adopting a human-centered approach, I explore the aesthetic and cultural possibilities of every project I'm involved with. I develop quality yet pertinent design pieces for any kind of media.

Have you got a vision? I make it real!


Identity defines the thoughts and actions of people. I'll help you build a strong brand that will answer to the needs of your public.


Printed and digital, I design graphic pieces that support the generation, share, and reception of information.


A powerful mean of storytelling as it allows me to develop complex messages and concepts in a nearly universal language.


From product and events to portrait and lanscape, photography allows me to share a detailed point of view and vision to a public.

User Experience

Conceiving innovative solutions is about empathy. Understanding final users and stakeholders in a project will guide us to a desirable, feasible and viable result.

Communication Strategy

Design a plan that expands organizational impact, helps to build solid relationships and levels up industry positioning.

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Alejandro Lemos Impatá

Explorer of new cultures and developer of quality designs.

Passionate about culture and visual identity, I have followed studies in visual communication design at Javeriana University in Cali, Colombia. Understanding deeply the different stakeholders of a project and its cultural context has become key to the development of every design solution.

Nowadays, I work as an account executive at TBWA\Paris where I assist in the conception, construction, and commercialization of international media campaigns. In parallel to my daily job, I pursue a master’s degree in Cultural Innovation at Paris Diderot University. In the pursuit of exploring my creativity and capacity of reflection, I continue working as a freelance designer, illustrator, and photographer.