Founded in 2017, Join a Town is a social start-up which brings together an ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and civil society willful of a global change. Established in France, it promotes the sustainable development of vulnerable communities within emerging countries. It reaches social entrepreneurs and organisations to co-conceive projects that respond to the needs of a community or town. Each project aims to be feasible, desirable and viable. Join a Town accompanies the process of supporting the projects in each community through civil society's donations and subventions.

One of the main functions of Join a Town is the impact measure which helps to understand how communities are evolving and how projects should be adapted. This tracking is essential in order to replicate projects/processes and keep them pertinent to communities. Join a Town's values are commitment and transparency. It understands that truthful change will occur when people all around the world engage in the sustainable development of societies and the place where they live. Additionally, it has identified that people will only be committed if there is transparency in the actions and decisions taken within the organisation.


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