The project started as an academic exercise in which was intended to explore the concept and the values of Dodge, to understand their target, and additionally to propose a brand experience aligned to the findings of the research. Within the ethnographic research, it was a discovery that women were a public left beside by the brand, and there was found a huge potential of purchase.
The experience had as objective to increase the flow of people in the store and positioning the brand in the desired target. In the experience it was pursued to highlight three values of the brand: STRENGTH, SECURITY, and COMFORT, which fulfill the necessities and interests of women, who look forward to the best for their important ones and themselves. This message was delivered in a flower, it was an aim of this experience, that people did not have to go to the experience, it was the experience that went to meet the people.
Finally, this project was implemented by Dodge in the city of Cali, Colombia. More than 300 women were impacted and a family received an annual pass for the Cali Zoo by the contest #DodgeLoQueMereces (DodgeWhatYouDeserve).


Andina Motors




Brand Experience


Maria José Castaño
Alejandro Lemos
Victoria Orozco
Camila Osorio
Tatiana Zuluaga