This editorial piece under the concept of a coffee table book, look forward to cluster some of the gastronomic experiences that are characteristic of certain spaces in the city of Cali, Colombia. Oiga Mire Coma is full of details that outcast the different social and gastronomic contexts, it is a book where pictures talk deeper than just about plates, they talk about the people who cooked.
During the production of the book, different traditions were explored, such as going to the market La Alameda to take breakfast, or taking a 'cholado’ in a hot evening at the Panamerican Courts, or having dinner in different gastronomic concepts in El Peñón. Through pictures, the livings were captured, and some short texts have support to the narrative. It is a book that is rich in terms of colors and it manages to highlight the richness and joy of the contest in which it was created.


Academic project




Coffee Table Book


Alejandra Medina
Alejandro Lemos Impatá