Valley Fruit is a Colombian company that commercializes alimentary supplies, and its main activity is the processing of agricultural products for exportation. The processes applied to pulps, squashes, and fillings look forward to take the fruit in the most natural state to the customer's table, and to facilitate its obtention and consumption. Nowadays, they have a market in Puerto Rico and the east coast of the United States. Since the creation of the company, work has been done on building up value and positioning the brand Valley Fruit as a reference of welfare and quality.

In terms of communication strategies, the main work has been done in developing the corporate identity and the visual system of the packaging. For the logo design, it was pursued the idea of representing the elements needed for the agriculture: LIGHT, WATER, and SOIL, in this way it was a success outcasting the richness of the precedence of the products Valley Fruit. For the construction of the system of both, the publicity and the packaging, it has been taken in mind the concept of welfare and it has been projected with a characteristic white color that highlight itself in the point of sale.

  • Valley Fruit S.A.S.
  • 2014
  • Brand identity
  • Visual system
  • Fruit Doypack¬†Packaging
  • Transport Packaging
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